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Clemence Faivre, horsewoman and alchemist, charms horses. Together they dance and multiply their elegance as if enlaced.

Since 2010, Clémence Faivre, alchemist rider and renowned equestrian artist has traveled the world!

Invited to the most renowned equestrian events and galas, she performs in front of prestigious guests such as the Sultan of Oman or His Majesty the King of Bahrain.
She is also the first woman in the world to have performed in Saudi Arabia.

Armonía, complicidad, gracia infinita, perfección, ligereza absoluta…
Compliments, applause and tears of emotion rain down in front of the extraordinary performances of Clémence Faivre. She doesn't train her horses, she bewitches them…They are in total connection and chain the most technical Haute Ecole exercises freely, without bridle or bit with disconcerting ease. She is a renowned artist, specialist in work in freedom.
Her horses are Lusitano. They are gifted rivals in equestrian prowess! Great Art!

The exceptional bond she has with her horses allows her to work inside exceptional and out of the ordinary places. Historical monuments, great restaurants, casinos, theatre, Clémence creates unique creations to provide the public with magical and unforgettable moments.

Clémence también es criadora de pura sangre lusitano en España en Finca La Maloca, una magnífica finca andaluza cerca de Sevilla y del Rocío. Un auténtico paraíso apto para todo tipo de eventos como bodas, seminarios, congresos…

Clémence also offers masterclasses and personalized tours of the ranch.

“Clémence Faivre is revolutionizing the Equestrian Arts”
La Provence

“Clémence Faivre is the artist of the moment
Cheval Pratique 

"Spectacular movements and an equestrian technique that borders on perfection"

"The woman who whispers in the ears of horses"
Cheval Junior 






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