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Clemence Faivre, renowned equestrian artist, horsewoman and alchimist charms horses. She has performed all around the world.
She proposes to equestrian events, horse shows, jumping competitions, gala evenings and special events, outstanding equestrian performances of Haute Ecole dressage and freedom work.
Her horses are also the perfect models for movies, advertising films, fashion shows and photo sessions.
Clémence is also a breeder of Lusitano thoroughbreds in Spain at the finca La Maloca, a magnificent Andalusian ranch near Seville and the Rocio.
An authentic paradise suitable for all types of events such as weddings, business seminars, conferences...
Clémence also offers masterclasses and personalized tours at the ranch.



Alchemy and Majesty

Clemence Faivre, horsewo- man and alchemist, charms horses. Together they dance and multiply their elegance as if enlaced. Clémence, Haute Ecole trainer and specialist in freedom work, and without bridle, rolls out a majestic, sincere, unique and poignant equitation show. Precise. Inspired. She creates her own costumes. She stages her own show. Clémence Faivre is a phenomenon. Truly.

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Ponemos a disposición de nuestros clientes las cubriciones de nuestros sementales Gotan y Fuego. Disponemos tanto de semen fresco como refrigerado.

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