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A unique experience

Clémence opens the doors of her magnificent andalusian ranch to you, and share her knowledge and know-how in the following disciplines: Dressage of high school, work without a bridle and in total freedom

Know how to make your horse to trust you, so that he feels happy at your side; establish a respect and know how to adapt yourself to every horse while respecting his personality. Understanding, observation, developing your horse’s intelligence, never asking more than he can give, providing the horse with willingness to work and avoiding conflict

Knowing when to be firm, without getting upset yourself, never doubting your animal, learning the importance of patience and donating time without burning or jumping the basic necessary steps. Even if you feel, sometimes that you have the impression of wasting your time, tell yourself that in the end you shall both be winners…

That is my philosophy, my quest for liberty, seeking perfection while building and remaining in total osmosis with my equine partner. The objective of establishing a relationship based on confidence and harmony, with the constant objective of maintaining the well-being of our horses and of being able to ride with nothing, without bridle, but with thought and a free spirit.


– Acquisition of the basics and freedom work
– Getting the horse to follow you
– Initiation to games and establishment of confidence with your horse

Haute Ecole
– How to teach all the exercises of Haute Ecole.

Riding without a bridle
– Teach your horse leg language and become a centaur


– Possibility to ride one horse
– Dressage course for intermediate or confirmed riders, minimum gallop equivalent 4.
– Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended, even mandatory. For safety and hygiene reasons, bring your own equipment. Riding pants, boots or boots and chaps, gloves recommended.
– This course is not available to riders over 90 kg.


– For observers only, not possible to ride
– Stage adapted to all levels
- No equipment needed
– The masterclass starts at 9h30 am

Lunch is included and will take place in the ranch with Clémence for a moment of conviviality, sharing and exchanges.


Direction: Finca La Maloca

Ctra, Km 7. – 21740 Hinojos Huelva (España)

Airports: Sevilla


– Individual one day: 450 €

– individual media jornada: 250 €

– clase colectiva un dia por persona: 250 €

– clase colectiva media jornada: 150€

– anyone who accompanies is considered as a paying observer

– niños menores de 7 años:  gratis

– niños entre 7 y 11 años: 50 %

Reservation: To make a reservation, please send your name, address, phone number and the date you book to this following mail:


Leave us a message

Para  hacer una reserva, por favor enviar por email nombre, teléfono y la fecha de la clinic.
Forma de pago: por transferencias al realizar la reserva.
Payment: bank transfer reembolsable: Si cancela 15 días como máximo antes la fecha de la clinic. 
Se devolvará integra la reserva en caso de no poder estar presente Clémence por participar a espectáculos ecuestres o por motivos de fuerza mayor.

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