Clémence Faivre – International Horse Show

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One and the other appear as fused together, divinely in step. He, dark chestnut with an amazing mane, She, sublime and haunting brunette. These two love each other, it shows. Within seconds, everyone present that day is carried with them in the intensity of their dance. Clémence and Gotan vibrate. They magnetize. They touch the very souls of the spectators, to the point, often, of drawing discrete emotional tears. 

At this moment, the plexus tightens the heart. 

Again, again. Stronger. Rider and horse, then, combine in the arena, Haute Ecole airs with the grace of freedom. They talk together, play, weave the thread of their tango. All this beauty moves and up-turns, makes one shudder, realizing that the links between horse and man owe nothing to chance and no doubt... have been earned 

Gotan is up-right. Prancing. Clémence at his feet, asks him to hold his pose, and to turn. The last note of music resounds... the horse comes back down on all fours. Clémence embraces him. In the audience, hearts beat wildly, applause rains down. Clémence Faivre is the embodiment of a dream, she is gifted. Seeing her perform is unforgettable. For always.

Length: 10 minutes

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