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Each broodmare owner using stallions from Clémence Faivre's stable acknowledges the following conditions for all current or future commercial relations.

Please place your semen orders by email or phone. The following information must be provided on the semen order: 

• - Desired stallion

• - Name and full address of the owner of the broodmare 

• - Delivery address if different from above

• - Data on the broodmare (Name, N de Sire, copy of her origins, age)

Please send us the service certificates at the start of the breeding season. Stud fees are due before the first insemination.

Deliveries of fresh semen to Spain are possible within 24 hours.

Transport costs are the responsibility of the customer.
The semen delivered will remain the property of Clémence Faivre until full payment.

If a stallion is not available at short notice during the breeding season for specific reasons (participation in a show, illness, etc.) we suggest, as far as possible, to substitute with semen frozen, or another stallion of your choice. Only the last stallion used will be invoiced.

No claims can be made for reimbursement of stud fees.

For broodmares that are empty or have aborted, you receive a credit for half of the mating fees for the year already paid, after confirmation by a veterinarian who must complete a certificate before December 1st. If the document is not presented before this date, a reduction will unfortunately not be possible.

Frozen semen: We have frozen semen from almost all our stallions in stock and you can buy a single insemination dose (4 straws). In this case you must send us a suitable container for transport or you can imprint it to our veterinarian for 200€. The request must be sent to us in advance (about 5 days before) since the preparation and sending it takes longer than fresh semen.

Frozen sperm cannot be resold.

Seed order contracts are governed by Spanish law.

Please note our bank details:

IBAN: ES64 0049 2588 7728 1437 7701 BIC: BSCH ESMM XXX

Please note the name of the owner on each transfer. THANKS



Tel. +33 632 746 728


Clémence Faivre
La Choza - Ctra, Km 1
21740 Hinojos (Huelva) España


La Maloca
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