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Clemence Faivre, horsewoman and alchemist, charms horses. Together they dance and multiply their elegance as if enlaced.

Since 2010, Clemence Faivre, renowned equestrian artist has been all around the world. She has performed for prestigious audience such as his Majesty Hamad Bin Isa El Khalifa, king of Bahrain and his Majesty Qaboos Bin Said, Sultan of Oman

Clemence Faivre proposes to equestrian events, competitions, shows, gala evenings, opening ceremonies, and private functions, display equestrian performances of an exceptionnally high standard combining creativity, beauty, talent, emotion and professionalism.

Perfectly trained to Haute Ecole and freedom work, Clemence's horses can also perform inside exceptional venues, such as historic monuments, prestigious restaurants, casinos, theatres... Each unique display leaves audiences spellbound under the magical experience.

Her horses are also the perfect models for movies, advertising films, fashion shows and photo sessions.

Clémence Faivre has already performed in various horse shows such as the Gucci Masters, International show jumping of Paris in 2010, 2011, and 2012, in Bahrain for the Mara’ee show in 2012, in China for the Longines Hong Kong Masters in 2013 ", in Oman for the Annual Royal Horse Racing Festival in 2014 and much more…


« Clémence Faivre has created a upheaval in Equestrian Arts »
Cavalière – Décembre 2011

« Clémence Faivre is the equestrian artist of the moment,she’s riding high »
Cheval pratique – November 2010

« Clemence Faivre, the Centaur Woman »
               Cheval Magazine, Août 2010






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