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Clémence Faivre

Clémence revolutionizes equestrian arts in 2010. She is the first one in the world who has realized quiebres, pirouettes vaquere and changing legs at the canter in complete freedom.

The equestrian world discovers Clémence, the general public too. Everyone is fascinated. What Clémence and Gotan achieve has never been seen before. A feat as technical as esthetic. A woman-horse complicity never before experienced. The young horsewoman is increasingly solicited, her successes and accomplishments accumulating making her a formidable rising star in equestrian art and performances.

Clémence grew up in Gouvieux, north of Paris. Her father gave her her first horse, Forrest, when she was 12 years old. Passionate about horses and cinema, she enrolled at the Cours Florent to become an actress. In 2003, She meets the famous stuntman Mario Luraschi who trained her to become a stunt woman. At his side, Clémence Faivre will serve as a double in many films.

In 2007, Clémence settled Andalusia and perfected her dressage. She finds Gotan totally by chance. She fell in love with him at first sight. She creates with him her first Haute Ecole performance in freedom presented in 2010 at Saintes-Marie de la mer.

In 2015 Clémence realize an other dream and starts her own Lusitano Purebred Studfarm based today in Spain at Finca La Maloca, a paradise close to Sevilla and the Rocio.

The 15 September 2018 she gets married with Mario Luraschi.

In 2019, she is the first woman in the world to have done equestrian show in Saudi Arabia.

Often copied but never equalled, Clémence Faivre and her lusitano horses have toured the world, invited onto the best international stages and to private events of prestigious hosts.

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